About “Flying Daily”

Steven Spielberg, director of The Terminal, once said that an airport is an epitome of the society. Every day, travelers bring their own stories to the airport, and they fly out to chronicle new tales in all corners of the world. People stop briefly in the airport to be recharged for the next trip.

Ensuring that every traveler has a smooth flight, the Taoyuan International Airport is committed to providing the best service. At the terminals, the runways, or in the apron, one would not miss the attentive smiles of the service staff of the airport. With devotion and professional knowhow, they help to connect Taiwan to the world.

Service Alliance

Taoyuan International Airport is the Service Alliance with over 30,000 staff who provide services to travelers.

With over 40 million passenger volume, Taoyuan International Airport is now a Class-A Airport. Furthermore, with over 100,000 people going through the airport daily, a large support staff – totaling over 232 service units— ranging from government entities, airlines, ground service, and cleaning services— are 24/7 always on.



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